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Hideaway offers the nearly unique opportunity on the coral coast of a paddle out surf break. The surf break is suitable for experienced surfers only.

The pass in front of the resort offers a left and right hand breaks, the right being the best.

The best swell direction is west to south west for the right, and south to south east for the left. Swell size changes the nature of the break dramatically.  At .5 to 1.2 metre swell the wave is fun offering fast walls and barrel sections.  At 1.2 to 2 metre swell the wave takes on a serious change, not for the faint hearted at all.  Large late drops and stand up barrels – without doubt one of the heaviest waves in the area for experienced surfers only.

Northerly to northeast winds are best but the wave remains surfable all the way round to the southeast, depending on wind strength. The wave is also suitable from mid to high tide offering a 6 hour surf window.

There is no need for boat rides and all day outings – therefore the people that you are holidaying with can stay at the Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa, Coral Coast while you surf and still have time to spend with family –

Other surfing options in Fiji are Cloud break, Frigates etc these are a full day trip away from the resort. Our tour desk staff can give you more information during your stay.

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